Tips To Consider When Buying Your Maternity Dress

Figuring out which maternity clothes actually fit and flatter can be a daily challenge for many moms-to-be. But with the right maternity clothing, you’ll look—and feel—your best as you count down each trimester to your delivery day. As you shop around for maternity clothing, remember these basic tips to get the most out of your budget. A few wise purchases can even last you beyond the bump.

Does it stretch?
“Pay attention to the fabric of the maternity clothes you’re buying, because you don’t know where the weight is going to continue to grow as you move through each trimester,” Greenstein says. “Anything with a flex fabric, a stretch fabric or a jersey fabric is definitely going to give you more flexibility.”

Test for sheerness
Sometimes you just have to bend over, touch your toes and ask the fitting room attendant if she can see anything she shouldn’t be able to. “Maternity clothing tends to have a lot of stretch in it, so it’s important to look at it in motion,” Brown says. Garments that go sheer when stretched are something to look out for when shopping for maternity clothes.

Embrace ruching
It’s a feature that allows your maternity clothes to grow with your bump. “It works with any single body type,” Greenstein says. “Even if you buy an item with ruching in your first trimester, you’re never going to run into any issues, because it totally flexes with your shape.”

Think beyond pregnancy
“It’s really nice when a maternity brand has nursing features built in,” Greenstein says. “If you intend on breastfeeding, invest in maternity clothes that you feel beautiful and feel comfortable in for your nine months and beyond.”

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