A Plus lists 5 ‘secrets, sins’ of Muntaka

The unofficial “godson” of Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central, Honourable Kennedy Agyapong, has thrown a punch into the face of Mohammed Muntaka Mubarak, the lawmaker for Asawase for picking a fight with his “father”.

According to Kwame Asare Obeng alias A Plus, it is better to be known for insulting others than to be known as a thief, proposing that Muntaka be barred from Parliament entirely.

“Ghana’s problem is not people insulting others. It is people stealing or chopping our money nyafunyafu. You Muntaka must rather be sanctioned from politics entirely.”

The two honourable Members of Parliament traded insults on the floor of the house over Mr. Muntaka’s decision to refer Mr. Agyapong to the Privileges Committee of Parliament over the latter’s comment on late Anas protegé Ahmed Suale- the second time Muntaka would’ve done that against the Assin MP.

But even before Kennedy Agyapong throws his own punches at Muntaka, APlus has taken the fight baton.

Listing Muntaka’s achievements as sports minister under H.E Professor Mills, A Plus wrote:

1. Your biggest achievement was that you were sacked. That’s number 1. Clap for yourself.

2. According to a National security report to then President Mills, you used taxpayers money on your personal household Items like baby oil, baby food, mouth wash, chinchinga, sardines, indomie, disway chocolate, neat fufu and baby diapers. (Anum d? minister. Your mouth inside dey jorm you ankasa.)

3. Our then very good president, professor Mills, (may his soul rest in peace) was very angry when he heard that you had gone out chilling and brought invoices to the ministry which were paid. The ministry actually paid for your “chilling”. You see your life?!!! Kwabenanigyeni.

4. You instructed the chief director of the ministry, Mr. Albert Anthony Ampong to purchase airline tickets with taxpayer’s money for you and your family to be traveling by air to Kumasi. Are your family government officials?

5. You wasted taxpayer’s money on Ms. Edith Zinayela, Secretary to the then-Majority Leader in Parliament, on a trip to Germany without clearly defining her official position in your entourage. (I suspect you were opening her fire for her). From anum dE to Ayaase dE boyiiiE!!

More fireworks are expected in the coming days.

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