Ghana will change overnight with a reading population – Literary activist

The Executive Director of the Accra International Book Festival (AIBF) says Ghana’s transformation can only be delivered by a reading population.

In an interview from her base in the United States Wednesday, Iris Naa Norkor Akwetey said reading will alter the attitudes of Ghanaians, improve their brain, bolster their confidence and reduce stress levels.

These, she explained, are key ingredients to the survival and development of any country across the world.

“The power of reading cannot be overstated. It has helped many successful executives to get ahead in business and life by transforming their thinking and molding them into a winning attitude. Our people need to develop this habit to enjoy the dividend too,” she said.

Who to lead the campaign?

Although Ms Akwetey did not rule out the role of government in leading this charge, she argues parents are better placed to “spark this fire of reading.”

She has asked parents and guardians to instill the culture of reading and writing in their children at the early stages in order to turn them into high achievers.

“We must learn to buy books for our children and encourage them to visit the libraries dispersed across the country. Let’s not leave the books to the rats and cockroaches,” she said, adding “the best time to form a habit is when you are young.”

Touching on the Accra International Book Festival, Ms Akwetey said the Festival provides a platform for Ghanaians and Africans to debate the major issues confronting not only the continent but the world as well.

“The Book Festival represents everything culture and arts, and to this end, we ensure that our speakers and audience interact and get to learn from each other,” she said.

The 2019 Accra International Book Festival will take place between October 24-27 at the University of Ghana.

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