Wuogon Shooting: Ghana’s democracy ‘sham’ – Fighters

The Economic Fighters League (Fighters) has condemned the violence that associated the Ayawaso West Wuogon Constituency by-election, indicating that it shows the fake democracy existing in the country.

The by-election on Thursday, 31 January 2019, was marred by violence at the La-Bawaleshie JHS polling station when some macho men believed to be National Security operatives, fired shots into a crowd of voters and injured six people.

The Fighters believe the “events expose the sham of a democracy being practised in Ghana – a democracy that can be hijacked by a few for their parochial interests while the people struggle to meet their basic need for decent livelihood and security is no democracy at all”.

In a statement by Fighter-General Hardi Yakubu, the group said the violence comes in the wake of recent cases of kidnapping, rape and killing of innocent Ghanaians.

For the group, “a general breakdown of security may be in the offing unless there are drastic measures to deal with the root of these acts”.

While calling on the security agencies to make haste in dealing with the security issues, the Fighters also encouraged “Ghanaians to be courageous in tackling the root of the violence, which is the 1992 Constitution”.

The group believes “the 1992 Constitution has effectively consolidated state power and resources in the hands of a few in the leadership of the NDC and NPP, and they will do everything including the use of violence to protect this illegitimate power and privilege they wield”.

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