Songstress Sandy Hekny kick start ‘High School Music Tour ’19’

Inspirational speaker, Sandy Hekny on Tuesday, January 30th, 2019 kick start her annual High School Music Tour with Knowledge Hill School at Santa Maria – Accra.

Sandy Hekny had admonished the students of Knowledge Hill School to Love God, Stay focus whiles they chase their dreams and not taking their Education for granted.

The musician cum Inspirational speaker had also entertained the students with the 2019 edition theme song “Heavenly”.

She had then later distributed some of her customized 10,000 exercise books to the students and had encouraged them to be focus whiles pursuing their dreams.

As maintained by her management team, the High School Music Tour is also a preparation for a high School festival which will be organised later in the year where some of the students won themselves free tickets to witness the maiden edition.

In an interview with, Sandy Hekny had disclosed that, this year’s edition of her High School Music Tour is to inspire, motivate, encourage and introduce a new genre of music which will be meant for students only.

According to her, there hasn’t been any type of music in the Ghanaian music fraternity which practically speaks for Ghanaian students, highlights their worries and what they go through in various campuses but she is here to put out songs as such.

“There has to be a change in our music industry and I am the change. Students like these needs songs which would highlight their worries and speaks for them.

There has to be a particular type of songs meant for students only and that is what I am encouraging. 2019 Edition of High Music Tour is of the aim to encourage, inspire, Entertain and to educate various students on the life in and out of campus so to equip them in balancing their lifestyles to avoid any misfortune as they pursue their vision and improve them academically” she has said.

Sandy Hekny aimed at Touring over 500 schools across the country to educate, inspire, Motivate, encourage and to entertain students as they pursue their dream.

The 2019 edition of “Sandy Hekny High School Tour” had its commencement on Tuesday 30th January 2019 at the Knowledge Hill School, Santa Maria – Accra.