Ahmed was with Anas on the day of his death – Family makes Shocking revelations

The family of Ahmed Hussein-Suale said there was no misunderstanding between him and Anas before his death – It was responding to claims by Kennedy Agyapong that Anas killed Ahmed due to a misunderstanding – The family said on the day of his death Anas and Ahmed were together The family of late investigative journalist, Ahmed Hussein-Suale, has said he was with his boss Anas the day he died.

According to a press release by the family and sighted by Nanansem.com Ahmed and Anas were together the whole day until he was shot later that evening on Wednesday, January 16, 2019. The family members were responding to claims by NPP MP for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong, that Ahmed fell out with Anas before his death.

Kennedy Alleged further that Anas was responsible for Ahmed’s death and for that matter must be arrested. However, the family believes that Agyapong’s comments were intended to divert attention and slow the investigation ongoing to identify the murderers of their deceased son. In the release, the family indicated that Ahmed and Anas were more than blood relations and there was no fact in Agyapong’s claim that they had fallen out with each other. “In his desperate attempt to distract the work of the security agencies in unraveling the truth and to further his hateful conduct against Tiger Eye staff, the MP further claimed that our brother was no more a staff or member of Tiger Eye P.I. and that Suale and Anas were not on talking terms prior to his demise. How could individuals at loggerheads, jointly secure visas to travel out of the Ghanaian jurisdiction for an assignment which was due in the first week of the month of February 2019?” the release questioned.

“Maybe, Mr. Agyepong can assist us with a copy of the resignation letter of our son from the Tiger Eye P.I. group and withdraw his pay check as was deposited in his salary account for the month of December 2018,” it added. “Again how is it that someone who had fallen out with an organization would serve as a witness in the myriad of suits brought against the organization as a result of the work of that organization? Suale was one of the witnesses representing Tiger Eye at investigative state agencies.” “This is a fact. Some members of our family know that a day before Suale’s death, he was with Mr. Anas. In fact, on the day of his unfortunate assassination, he was with Anas throughout and had informed some family members about collaboration between Tiger Eye and Attorney General’s office to prosecute those implicated in the #12 exposé,” the release revealed further. “Mr. Agyepong has also alleged that Anas had not come to see the family before announcing the death of our son. We want the whole world to know that Mr. Anas was one of the fore-most people informed about the murder incident even before other family members could be informed. And this was because we knew the strong ties that existed be-tween our son and his boss, Anas, was more than blood relationship,” it added.

Meanwhile, Ken Agyapong had earlier said he was not responsible for Ahmed’s death because he was irrelevant to his life. A leaked Whatsapp message sent by Ahmed to a platform revealed how he had feared for his life. Part of the message stated that “It has been said in some quarters that the very person behind the leak of my photos said he was doing everything possible to quell my existence.” In a more recent development, the family said it feels insulted by Ken Agyapong’s 100K bounty. The Assin North MP has also been cautioned by the family to mind his “hateful speech” against their dead loved one.

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