Hot Video :Muslim Imam holds healing crusade,cast out demons and heals the Cripple and Blind at Kawukudi Park

The Kawukudi park was a great place of attraction when Sheik Salawatia Rashid held a healing crusade and casting out of demons, Nanansem.com can report

The video sighted by Nanansem.com has it that , Most demons were in trouble when they came into contact with Sheik Rashid

He was seen casting out demons and healing the blind. Many others also waited for their turn in a long queue to meet this wonderful Imam.

This act or practice is seen as strange in the Muslim community because it has never been seen in any Muslim community since the inception of religion , Muslim sources told Nanansem.com

Possessed with the Characteristics of Most Christian Pastors, Sheik Rashid sad he had his inspiration from Prophet Mohammed.

Watch the Video Below :

Source : Nanansem.com

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