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Jose Mourinho has accepted a one-year prison sentence for tax fraud in Spain

Former m­­­anager of Manchester United Jose Mourinho was caught by the Spanish tax authorities for defaulting almost £2.9million. The charges relate to undeclared revenue regarding his image rights in 2011 and 2012 while he was the manager of Real Madrid.

This charges were made on how income from Mourinho’s image rights was managed and declared. The Prosecutors believe by ceding his image rights to a series of companies based in tax havens, Mourinho committed fraud by not declaring the income those companies made from his image rights.

Stated under Spanish law, first-time offenders doesn’t usually serve jail term for sentences of two years or less, therefore Mourinho with the aid of the Spanish law avoided jail.

According to reports, Jose Mourinho appeared at the Provincial Court on Tuesday and after he accepted the sanction he was additionally fined about £1.75 million. However, he apparently accepted a six-month term for each of the two tax-related crimes he was accused of making it a total of a one-year sentence.

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