Woman abandoned by ‘husband’ over sex receive massive support from Ghanaians

A woman who was abandoned by her husband together with her two children for over three years has received massive support from benevolent Ghanaians.

Sister Aggie and her sons can now heave a sigh of relief as the Crime Check Foundation (CCF) have come to their rescue.

She ran to the CCF after she was abandoned by her husband for denying him sex and shared her plight with Ghanaians on how she and the two sons were left to struggle following the disappearance of the man who fathers the children.

The children wore tattered uniforms and feeding and paying their school fees were the toughest battle their ‘sick’ mother had to fight due to the irresponsibility on the part of their father.

She explained that she refused to have sex with her the man she called her husband because she realized it was a sin to be sexual relationship with him since they were not legally married.

Her decision, according to her, was based on a vision she had and thus wanted to live a morally upright life which means that she would no longer have premarital sex even after conceiving two children with her “boyfriend”.

“He hasn’t asked for my hand in marriage and so what we were doing was prostitution,” she told Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng in an interview.

Her change of mind infuriated her man who in effect left the family and reneged on his responsibilities.

The Crime Check Foundation shared the sad story to Ghanaians on social media and pleaded for public support on behalf of the abandoned family. The request touched the heart of many who donated massively to support the education of the brilliant boys and relieve their mother of the burden of a single mother.

“The donations received have been used to pay the children’s school fees up till 2020. We’ve also sewed new uniforms for them. We’ve bought fabrics for Aggie so she can continue her sewing business since she is a seamstress. Many have also donated shoes and clothes to the boys,” the Executive Director of the CCF, Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng revealed.

The CCF has also set up a business for Sister Aggie to enable her earn money to subsequently take care of her family.

Her rent has been fully paid by the foundation to ensure they have decent shelter.

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