Maurizio Sarri and I think the same way about football says Hazard

Speculation linking Eden Hazard to Real Madrid remains strong but the Chelsea star has spoken warmly of his link-up with Maurizio Sarri. Eden Hazard believes he and Chelsea head coach Maurizio Sarri are on the same footballing frequency.

Maurizio Sarri has lavished praise on Hazard, declaring him Europe’s best player on Friday, but does not feel a player who captains his country is a leader. Hazard, on the other hand, told the Times at a dress rehearsal for their meeting in the EFL Cup final later this month he feels in tune with Sarri as he tackles the ongoing process over overhauling his club’s style of play.

Explicitly, Hazard said, “he’s an old man, but the way he thinks is the same way I think about football,” he said. “When we have the ball, we have a lot of freedom, not just me but the striker and the right attacker, Willian or Pedro, so we can move a lot.” “The manager likes possession. He’s a lot about statistics. Numbers. Possession. Shooting. Goal opportunity. “In the past, we used to play more counter-attack. It is different with Sarri than with Antonio Conte and Jose Mourinho. Sometimes we keep possession, and I understand the fans want us to go forward [more directly], but it is part of the football. “We are still learning about his concept. We are doing well. I like this kind of football.”