Angel Di Maria might be banned for actions against Manchester United says France’s RMC

Angel Di Maria played a big part for PSG as they swatted Manchester United aside on Tuesday evening. The Argentina international had been the subject of boos, and someone threw a plastic bottle in his direction during the match which he picked up and faked drinking from.

When the French club scored their second goal, thanks to a Di Maria assist, their players celebrated near the home fans, and Di Maria was seen to send some obscenities to the crowd. It wouldn’t exactly be out of character. This is the same player who grabbed his crotch and had a go at his supporters while Real Madrid. He can answer back, whether in person or via those close to him on social media.

Now France’s RMC has suggested he could face a ban for his actions. To be clear, UEFA hasn’t taken any steps or even shown signs of doing so. RMC are doing this off their own back, which doesn’t exactly seem helpful to PSG.

The French media outlet states: ‘According to the UEFA disciplinary regulations, Angel Di Maria’s attitude falls under Article 15: incorrect behavior of players and officials. In the present case, the Parisian incurs a suspension of “a match of competition or a fixed term” for “insult about a player or another person present at the match” and/or for “provocation of the spectators.” A possible decision to be taken according to the judgment of the UEFA Control, Ethics, and Disciplinary Body.’

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