Salaga’s melee will not happen again – Interior Minister assures

Minister for The Interior, Ambrose Dery has condemned the incident that happened at Salaga and assured Ghanaians of sanity in the country.

The Minister speaking to yesterday’s melee at Salaga after the announcement of Damango as the capital of the Savannah region, said even though we all can’t agree on issues, people shouldn’t go about destroying properties just because they disagree.

“Ghanaians should know that these are developments that should be applauded,” he said of the announcement.

According to him, development will be evenly distributed to all the parts of the region contrary to those opposing the decision that, development will be cantered at the regional capital.

“I appeal to all the residents in the affected areas that this is an intervention that is meant to bring development and we can only have one capital at a time” he added.

The Minister added that, anybody who is not satisfied with the decision made by the President on the selection of Regional capitals should follow due process to get their grievances addressed

“Should you fail to get your choice of capital selected, please we think that, you should be law abiding and if you think strongly about it, go through the due process and have your grievances heard” he said.

He further expressed worry over the Salaga incident and applauded the IGP and his men for responding to the situation on time.

“Certainly taking the laws into your hands will not be countenance and to all citizens please give us the information when you hear anything and we will make sure everything is put under control” he noted.

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