Committee formed to probe Ivy Danquah-Adu’s sexual harassment claims – IGP

The Police has set up a committee to investigate recent allegations that some of its officers sexually harassed Ivy Danquah-Adu, the wife of the murdered Member of Parliament for Abuakwa North constituency.

This was announced by the Inspector General of Police, David Asante-Apeatu on Thursday during an interaction with the press at the Police Headquarters in Accra.

According to the IGP, the police has already contacted Ivy Danquah Adu over the matter.

“We have set up an investigative committee to investigate that. She has already been spoken to by one of our commissioners. We’ve invited her and she has given us a time…. so it is an ongoing investigation,” he said.

The wife of the late Member of Parliament, Ivy Danquah-Adu in a Facebook post earlier this month alleged that some police officers investigating her husband’s murder sexually harassed her during their investigations.

She said, in one of her meetings with officers of the Criminal Investigations Department at the Police Headquarters in Accra, an officer asked her if she wears “waist beads,” a question that was completely unrelated to the subject of the investigations.

She added that one of the top officers, a married man, who sat in that meeting once called her on the phone and tried to convince her to marry him.

“I have been summoned to the Police HQ on countless occasions and subjected to what I would casually describe as “the act of scrubbing a fresh wound with Himalayan rock salt” and topped up with a million and one questions including, to my shock, a very gleeful “so madam do you wear waist beads?” in a meeting room populated by a men-only CID team who perhaps thought it was their birthright to get familiar with what’s in every woman’s underwear!”

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“And if you think that’s inappropriate, try that Sunday morning when one of those men; a man at the helm of investigating my husband’s murder, thought it sensible to muster the sheer unadorned temerity, call me and tell me how beautiful/sexy he thinks I am and give me reasons why I must marry him; an already married man. Yes, he had the audacity… and this was the head of a certain significant unit at the CID… and I’m supposed to trust that they did a great job? May God forgive him,” she stated in a Facebook post.

Many Ghanaians took to social media to condemn the police service over the allegation although the police were yet to speak to the matter formally.

Some of those who commented on social media shared various experiences about conducts they deemed unprofessional by the police at various times when they reported cases they expected the police to act upon.

But the Police hierarchy has insisted that it does not condone any unprofessional conduct by its officers and has urged the public to report any such officer for appropriate sanctions to be meted out against such officers.