Baby Mama of Shatta Wale, Michy has recently made a post on social media specifically Instagram and shockingly revealed that her 3yrs old boy is indirectly mature than a full grown man who’s 36 years, filed.

Don’t forget, Shatta Wale is or around that age, According to her, maturity is not about age.

She said “If I were ever asked to choose between a 3yr old man & 36yr old boy I’ll definitely choose the little one 10x over cuz very truly brethren ,age doesn’t define maturity”.

So logically, Mitchy is trying to paint a picture that Shatta Wale is immature, when loves turns sour, respect is no more ‘ampa’. can report

See screenshot below :

Shatta Mitchy post screenshot

It would be recalled that Michy left Shatta Wale in the early hours of January and reports indicated that she took some documents and a car with her.

Michy has vowed not to come back to Shatta Wale describing him as a wife beater and a cheat.

However, this is not the first time the two have broken up.