White Man who is madly in love with Moesha Boduong represents her with a Doll on Live TV

Nanansem.com has sighted a Viral Video that shows how a ‘White man’ is madly in love with Actress Moesha Boudong.

The man in the video was seen expressing his love to the actress and representing her with a doll nanansem.com filed.

Moesha Boduong

The man said Moesha has been ignoring his messages and he is not ready to live without her, that is why he is representing her with a doll.

He was ever ready to pay for moesha’s ‘high demands’ which she has openly outlined in an Interview with CNN’s Amanpour specifically, rent, cars and cloths nanansem.com can report.

Watch the Video Below :

Source : Nanansem.com

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