Gov’t bungalows at Sagnerigu in depolorable state; pan latrines still in use

Despite a Supreme Court order banning the use of pan latrines in the country, many government bungalows in the Sagnerigu Municipality and Tamale Metropolis still use the system raising fears of a possible cholera outbreak.

Occupants engage the services of latrine boys who dig holes close to the toilet facilities to bury the excreta and those who can’t find these boys would have to deal with it themselves.

Other residents in the area complain that the anytime it rains, the waste flows out into their compounds.

“They dig and bury them there and when it rains its washed into our homes and the whole place stinks so how can we survive with good health like this,” one resident noted.

Another noted that maggots from the toilet sometimes crawl into the compound and sometimes end up in their kitchens.

Occupants of these bungalows who are mainly government workers complain about not just the toilet facility, but the entire building they leave in.

According to them, the structures are very old and haven’t seen any renovation work carried out even though they pay rent monthly.

They want government to sell the bungalows to them so they can take proper care of them.

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