‘Know money stops nonsense’ – Shatta Wale ‘Consoles’ Moesha after HIV Contraction allegation

Nanansem.com reported earlier that a nigerian lady has claimed that Instagram Slayqueen Moesha Bodoung has been infected with HIV by One Nigerian entertainment Guru known as Livingstone Abani in Nigeria.

Self acclaimed dance hall King , Shatta Wale has taken his instagram page to ‘console’ Moesha Bodoung.

His post read :

Mami 💕💕forget everybody you fine pass many.. You have a great heart and yet people paint you black.. Don’t ever let them know you are good ,YES you are bad and some us who know who you are love you like that and please stay like that cuz this industry we are in is just a disgrace but that’s where we get our grace the more they degrade us .. Money stop Nonsense that’s what you should know so let’s keep piling the money @moeshaboduong

Source : Nanansem.com

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