has sighted a video that shows an interview between Radio/TV host Abeiku Santana and Actress Xandy Kamel .

Controversial Actress Xandy Kamel shockingly revealed that Actress Benedicta Gafah who was her friend by then took her to a so called Pastor in a village which is located around Kumasi.

Xandy Kamel and Benedicta Gafah

The actress went on to further state that her former friend, Benedicta Gafah said she was actually taking her to a Pastor in Kumasi , not knowing it was a shrine because of the acts of the So – called Pastor, can report.

If we can recollect there is already a strong feud between these two actresses already . Xandy kamel had already revealed that Benedicta sleeps with Married men for money which made Benedicta rain curses on her reported

Watch the Video Below :

She continued to say that she has no problem with Adom Fm’s Entertainment news caster,Sister Sandy .

When asked of Colleague actress Gloria Sarfo, she said she just wants attention, filed.

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