Hot Video : Kuami Eugene kisses Wendy Shay at her birthday party ?

‘Kuame is allowed’ were the words of Wendy Shay when Kuame Eugene was seen sending his mouth closer to that of Wendy Shay during the birthday party of Wendy Shay Nanansem.com filed.

In the same Viral Video, the two Young Acts had a deep hug and ‘banging’ their waist together , Nanansem.com can confirm.

Watch the Video Below :

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Did they Share A kiss? 😀

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From the Video, Kuami Eugene was really not happy with the cameras on them and wanted to prevent the cameras from taking those visuals.

Nanansem.com however cannot confirm whether the duo are really dating or just enjoying friends with benefits.

Lets know your thoughts after watching the Video.

Source : Nanansem.com

Video Credit : Sammykaymedia

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