We’ll blacklist contractors who do shoddy works – Housing Minister

The Ministry of Works and Housing has warned that government will be compelled to blacklist Ghanaian building contractors who produce sub-standard jobs when awarded contracts.

The ministry contends that works of international contractors should not outshine that of the local contractors.

Speaking at the 10th anniversary of Forever Construction and Consultancy Limited, Sector Minister, Samuel Atta Akyea indicated that government will not choose foreign contractors over the local ones but substandard jobs will not be countenanced.

“If you brought an architect from Dubai and you got another in Ghana and you gave them space to build in the country, what the architect in Dubai will put up should not over shadow what the Ghanaian can do. Often times the Ghanaian contractor complains of not being given jobs and businesses to do. It is the policy of this government that what the Ghanaian can do will not be ceded to the foreigners but if at the end of the day a Ghanaian is given business and after a year the structure begins developing cracks then the contractor is asking that he or she be blacklisted. The local contractor must produce excellent job,” he added.

Head of Corporate and Strategy of Forever Construction and Consultancy, Mr. Cecil Owusu Addo hinted that the company is rolling out an affordable semi-detached houses project for Ghanaians.

“We are ten years old and we are launching our housing project. Someone ask why we are doing this? We are doing this because in life we have to progress and this is a progression that we want everybody to see and witness and acknowledge. So ten years we are proud to do this, affordable housing projects which is a semi-detached house. We have incorporated our prices it is as low as anything,” he added.

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He added that the project is to lessen the burden of acquiring a home on the ordinary Ghanaian.

“The whole issue of affordable housing is the supply and demand analysis. The ministry has a whole catalog of individuals who want to roll out the affordable housing project and we are encouraging them to do so and we will provide the necessary guarantee for them to build the houses. But what is important like what this company is doing is that granted that the houses are built all over the country that even the size of the pocket of the average Ghanaian how are they going to own the houses. It is very few of them who can do that.”