Moesha Boduong donates to Billaw Basic School on 28th birthday

Birthdays are usually marked with partying and merry making. In this part of the world, celebrities normally celebrate their birthdays with extravagant parties and trips to some of the world most expensive places.

Actress Moesha Boduong turned 28 on Sunday, March 10, 2018, and instead of following the usual trend of throwing big parties, charted a course which she claims ‘has been on her heart for a very long time’.

The Ghanaian socialite spent her birthday with students of Billaw Basic School where she distributed some learning materials to the school.

The Moesha Foundation donated textbooks, Moesha branded exercise books, pens, pencils, mathematical sets, snacks, school bags, and other relevant learning materials to the school.

Moesha who is an indigene of the Billaw in an Instagram post iterated the need for every child to have access to education.

She reasoned that education is a key platform in bridging the gap between the rich and the poor.

A ‘proud’ Moesha assured the students of her resolve to contribute to their progress in ‘her own little way’.

“Well there are two things I’ll forever be proud of and continually boast about, that is; who I am and where I come from. Growing up from a Sissala home taught me how to value family and education, respect and be hard-working”

“Compared to other tribes, the sissala’s are not talked about often, however, aside from been located in Upper West Region we are also known for the xylophone, charcoal burning, farming and wearing a smock. Compared to other tribes, you might have heard little or nothing about the Sissalas and so I’ll briefly tell you something about them.”

“Every child is entitled to an education, but it is sad that most of our young ones lack the basic necessities and support to achieve it. I can’t promise to build mountains and castles for these young ones but, I know I can support them with the little that I can and rather push them to value education as I was taught so that, they can build the mountains and castles for themselves. So yes, I’m proud I didn’t forget the values I learnt and gave back to society, especially my people”.

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