Photos: Fella Makafui buys KIA Optima Car for Her Mother – Brand New

Apparently, Fella Makafui cannot show kindness to people without putting it on social media for the usual ‘likes and comments’ nonsense!

The Self-acclaimed entrepreneur, Fella Makafui has bought a brand new car for her mother and gifting the car to her, she had to parade the majority of Ghanaian Instagram bloggers, photographers and videographers to capture the moment ─for the usual social media trends.

In the video, Fella Makafui was seen presenting the brand new car to her mother for supporting her so-called hustle with cameras all over just to be in the news.

These Ashawobrities and their obsession with social media is just crazy! So the news is Fella Makafui bought a brand new car for her mother but couldn’t keep it from the public ─the case of living and doing things because of social media.

Watch the video below.

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