Update : Meet 17 year old Kwame; the Young boy who was heavily kicked by the Security Officer

Earlier this morning, nanansem.com reported that , we have obtained a video that shows how a security officer smashed a young boy with his leg.

As promised we have finally had a little information about the 17year old.

From the Picture , Young Kwame is still feeling the pains from the Kick

According to our sources, his full name is Kwame Tsibuwa and was accused of stealing a mobile credit from a bread seller.

Even though he is seen as a troublesome boy he has his good sides, our sources told us .


Those who are still new to this trending story can still watch the Video Below :

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This is so inhuman …….

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Nanansem.com is still working so hard to get information about the security Officer in question.

Source : Nanansem.com