Naspa Health And Sanitation Day Bekwai MunicipalPresident speechthe time had come for Ghanaians to adopt positive outlook toward improved sanitation.
“As a president of the national association of service personnel bekwai , i wish to call on all personnels of the metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies (MMDAs) to actively participate in the National Sanitation Programme, because poor sanitation comes with a health cost through the outbreak of preventable diseases, like cholera which invariably affects efficiency.
“Let us help improve our sanitation consciousness to reduce the heaps of filth and garbage in our towns and cities across the country.”We urge the Environmental Sanitation Service Providers to come up with innovative measures that will inculcate in Ghanaians the culture of waste segregation. Proper Waste separation and management to generate revenue should be given priority.Our people must take responsibility for our own sanitation and environmental wellbeing. Everybody must be sanitation conscious right from home to our activities outside particularly those responsible for providing food either as caterers in restaurants or food vendors .There are no centralized places of disposing our refuse properly through out the municipal the few places created are not taken care for it disposal, we the individual also play a part of poor sanitation since we litter everywhere with waste. Addressing of the problem, obviously is not the sole responsibility of a single individual, the assemblies, organizations, or the departments, been it government or private, it must be the responsibility of all of us as citizens because, if we get sick 😷 , the whole bekwai municipal is sickWilliams AIM My aim for this program is to educate all about what sanitation is, cause of poor sanitation , and how to solve the problem of poor sanitation
We must rather be ashamed and take sanitation seriously, because the outburst of any epidemic due to poor sanitation will render the people of Ghana sick and die. When the people are sick, Ghana is sick.WILLIAMS CONCLUSION
We all have to be law abiding, everybody must work hard at where ever he or she works or finds himself or herself. We have to be responsible to change our attitudes and behaviors and the way we think. The institutions must work effectively, that is the only way we can realize our dream of being like America, Europe, Asia etc we have to educate ourselves and love Mother Ghana.

Long live Ghana 🇬🇭
Adjei williams

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