Photos : Prophet Nigel Gaisie’s handkerchief flies Young Man to Germany

Prophet Nigel Gaisie’s post on Facebook has shocked most people who have come across the post, nanansem.com can report.

His post read :

He just came for my handkerchief and by the grace upon my life,its landed him in ?? Germany….Receive Your Visa’s….NOW!!!The Best Is Yet To Come,The Jesus Agenda.

Such testimonies are not common to come by and this is one of the ‘miraculous’ works of Prophet Nigel.

However others dont seem to ‘buy’ that! They asked numerous questions like :

Obviously followers of the Prophet will jump to defend the man of God as they answered all the questions squarely , nanansem.com sighted

Most people who seem to believe in Prophet Nigel Gaisie have really liked him for his miracles and Prophecies and he is currently one of the most talked about Prophecies in Ghana.

He was recently accused of causing confusion between Lil Win and His former manager Zack with his prophecies by Akrobeto on Live TV .

Source : Nanansem.com


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