Hot Video : Actress Vivian Jill finally explains why she has been off the scenes for a while

Vivian Jill Lawrence

In an interview with Kweku Manu , Kumawood Actress Vivian Jill Lawrence revealed why she has been Off the Scene for a while , sighted.

The Kumawood Actress said she had some few family issues to take care off and bay as well , so taking a year or two off the scene was worth it .

Vivian added the Kumawood movie industry is really sinking and that is one of the reasons why she has not been featured in most of the latest movies.

The actress also revealed that she always travels outside the country for businesses and she buys a fleet of cars and sell them later in Ghana after she has used them for a while , sighted .


Aggressive Interview with Vivian Jill Lawrance
Vivian Jill Lawrence and sons

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