University talents improving standards of living through agriculture

It is with much regret to know how we the youth of today are running from agriculture. Nothing even hurts most than the youth who are pursuing agriculture in the tertiary institutions with no plan to help grow the sector. Agriculture isn’t just the backbone of our country, it is the only means to a more developed Ghana. We the youth are the future of food security yet few of the youth today see a future for themselves in agriculture. There is a growing recognition that for any impactful and sustained growth and development to be achieved, in any sphere of endeavor, there is the need to have people who are passionate about what they do. 

It is with this that a young activist group known as the *Conscious Agric. Builders Foundation* has set it main objective to create the awareness of the need to pursue agriculture and how to improve the standards of living through agriculture. 

As part of our goals of providing guidance for market men and women on how to handle agricultural produce and products. CAB foundation carried out our premier project at the Kotokuraba market to enlighten our sellers on the best way to handle agriculture produce. After that we presented some items to them. 

Mr. Amponsah George, the president of the foundation, said, “We are here as citizens not spectators, so we contributed to buy these items to give to our market women after we had some interactions with them, because we cannot teach them what is right without supporting them to do the right materials needed. For that matter we are appealing to general public to support us carry out this agenda”

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