Photos : Ghanaian Young man puts all his 13 Girlfriends in a Whatsapp group to unite them

Its so weird, how young men of today go about the love lives and relationships, can report.

Though some young men cheat in relationships, only few are courageous enough to let their girlfriends know, filed.

Interestingly the case of this young man is so weird as to why he would do what he did.

This young Ghanaian man decided to unite all his 13 girlfriends in a whatsapp group he created purposely for that agenda.

This young man after naming the group M.G.F (Unity) which meant ‘My Girl friends’ Unity was bold enough to tell all his 13 girlfriends that he wants to unite them, sighted.

See screenshots of the Chat below :

Whatsapp Chat part 1
Whatsapp Chat part 2

However from the chats most of the ladies were not comfortable with the situation so decided to insult the guy and leave.

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