Bleaching Akuapem Polo accuses Becca of Wearing Hip Pad

Rosemond Brown and Becca

Skin Lightening has become very common amongst our female celebrities lately, can report.

Moesha Boudong was recently accused of paying millions of Cedis to get a white skin, reported.

Well interestingly,Instagram celebrity , Akuapem Polo seem to have joined the bleaching Party , after she posted her Latest Photo on Instagram .

From our visual checks Rosemond brown’s complexion has changed notably.

See Photo below :

Rosemond Brown
Rosemond brown

However in Rosemond brown’s latest Post on instagram, the twerking celebrity accused Becca of wearing a hip pad to support her hips , sighted.

Her Post read:

Madam drop your jacket because I still see your buttock or hip pad lol good night from your waist coming down show why after giving birth your natural hip went back? Just asking ooo me my eyes see things well well I love your dress tho very beautiful

From her post , Akuapim Polo asked Becca why her hips has reduced back to its natural size after giving birth, can report.

Though Becca has not responded to this shade from Rosemond Brown, social media users have taken a swipe at Rosemond Brown for such allegations against their favourite celebrity Becca.

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Some of the Comments read :


Ass pad or no ass pad she still fine and successful and beautiful. ❤️


Mind Ur own business madam poking nose in pple affairs .U re no where near her class.U ur self know dat

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And what’s wrong if someone wears hip pad….???


Wodi ne gyimiee saa,you’re nowhere near her even if she shun dey do music.If she stays home idle sef she geh everything plus beauty than you.Madasucker peeking your eyes in everybody’s bussiness for hype.Wotw3