Some Black Star players ‘Chopped’ Egyptian girls before every match – Sports Journalist reveals


Journalists who were with the team in Egypt are reporting on indiscipline and factionalism in the camp; not to talk of some players allegedly engaging in bouts of s3x before matches, can report.

George Addo Jnr, a Ghanaian journalist, claims that some players managed to bring their girlfriends into camp and ‘twerp’ them down before games.

According to him, when captain Andre Ayew confronted some of the players about it a fight nearly ensued.

Indiscipline, which was the bane of the team in 2014, seems to have reared its ugly head again. Ghanaians just have to ask ourselves who is the common denominator between those two tournaments? James Kwesi Appiah, can file.

Read George Addo Jnr’s findings below…

“How i wish it is untrue…that

*Some Black Stars players engaged themselves in s*xual bouts before every match during their short stay in Egypt.

*(lodged their girlfriends in the same hotel they camped in),

*Key member of the team…nearly fought the captain when he complained of the above..

*Captain was unhappy about the Coach subbing him…when he wanted to die with the team.

*General captain not comfortable with too many happenings…and the factions that existed before in the team did not fade..

Wondered why ..Captain in the abscence of his deputy ,hands over the band to Boye…in the presence of the general captain 🤔

*Sports ministry splashed in excess of 10million dollars to induce /and set the operational grounds to win the trophy….

*Sad!! Superstition was King- and that technical bench was equally split..over a number of issues….

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Issues just to begin with.. Sad!!Sad!!!Sad!!”

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