‘We have been friends 10 yrs; quarreled for Just One Week , I am happy for Shatta Wale’ – Pope Skinny

Pope Skinny

Asuoden Music CEO Pope Skinny has said that He still loves Shatta Wale despite the acclaimed rift between them , nanansem.com can report.

The Rapper in his own assertion stated that he doesn’t understand why people think he hates Shatta Wale , because they have been friends for long and there is no way he is going to hate him.

Reacting to Beyonce’s feature with Shatta Wale , he said himself and Shatta Wale have been praying for such a feature for a long time and he is happy it has finally come to pass, nanansem.com sighted.

His post stated :

Pope Skinny

However If our readers would recall Pope Skinny has been quarreling with Shatta Wale for a long time after he allegedly snitched on him during the ‘Advice’ song from Sarkodie to his then Boss Shatta Wale, nanansem.com can report.

Pope Skinny commended Sarkodie for such a masterpiece of which most People believed Pope Skinny snitched on Shatta Wale, nanansem.com reported.

That broke the bond between himself and Shatta Wale and has since not been ‘cool’ with him, nanansem.com can report

Well most people who have come accross the post believe that Pope Skinny is trying to tap into the Glory of Shatta Wale after he was featured by Beyonce , nanansem.com can report.

Source : Nanansem.com

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