Hot Video : Menzgold Customers ‘attack’ First Lady Rebecca for NAM1’s two weeks remand

Rebecca Akuffo Addo

The Chief Executive Officer of Gold Firm ,Menzgold, Nana Appiah Mensah who is currently in the police custody has gained the sympathy of his customers, can report.

A group of female Menzgold customers, in a viral video have sent a strong message to the First Lady of the Country , Mrs Rebecca Akuffo Addo over NAM1 ‘s remanding at the Police Headquarters, can report.

A woman who seemed to be the ‘spokesperson’ for the Group surprisingly sent her displeasure to Mrs Akuffo Addo for allowing her husband to act unconcerned about NAM1’s -Menzgold brouhaha, sighted.

The woman said :

I believe Mrs Rebecca Akuffo-Addo is a mother , your children are hungry , speak to your husband and the magistrate who has sent NAM1 to remand to leave NAM1 to give us our money. This is because we wanted to do the demonstration last year but you ‘people’spoke to us to hold on. How can he be released in someone’s country whiles we detain him in our own country

Watch the Video Below :

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