Hot Video:That lady is a chronic Cheat – Somalina ‘blasts’ lady who denied her Fiance on Live Radio

Somalina yesterday reported that , a lady had denied her boyfriend on live radio only to realise that she was just been pranked.

This happened at 3fm when Gionvani Caleb the host, pranked a lady with a proposal on live radio.

But unfortunately for the lady she denied having a boyfriend whiles her boyfriend was confidently waiting for his lady to tell Giovani she had a boyfriend, reported.

This is what ensued between Giovani and the said Lady :

However relationship Expert and Video Vixen , Somalina Ocran has finally revealed why the lady who reportedly denied her boyfriend on Radio will do that , can report.

Somalina Ocran

Somalina in a video reaction said that she believes the lady is already a cheat and its obvious that she is in even another relationship already , can report.

The relationship expert in her own assertion believes that there were so many mistakes the lady did and that gave her reasons to conclude that the lady is a cheat.

Though there have been so many reactions to this trending story, the relationship experts assertion seems to be quite different also from a professional angle.

Watch the Video below :

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