Hot Audio : Lesbian Afia Schwarzenegger Stole A Gold Chain In USA – Tornado Reveals

Afia and Tornado

Afia Schwarzenegger seems to have lost a best friend once again shortly after her verbal feud with her former best friend songstress Mzbel, can report.

In a viral Audio sighted by , Tornado accused Afia Schwarzenegger of backstabbing him and warned her to stay away from him as he can’t be friends with an ‘ill-mannered’ person like the controversial comedienne.

According to Tornado, Afia Schwarznegger has destroyed to almost everyone he introduces her to, heard.

Nana Tornado revealed that Afia has destroyed him to a man he introduced whom he introduced her to and the man now doesn’t want to have anything to do with him.

He revealed that the man was helping him with his USA visa but Afia Schwarzenegger has destroyed him to the man and he has since cut ties with him .

The actor also revealed that when Afia Schwarzenegger came to the US for the Entertainment Awards, she stole a gold chain from a friend he introduced him to her who is identified as Johny.

In the conversation, Tornado revealed that Afia Schwarzenegger is a lesbian and has seen her in bed with several women before.

The actor who was hurt by Afia Schwarzenegger’s action recounted how he was with her after her Abrokwah issue broke her down.

The comedienne quickly responded to Tornado by disclosing that she does not know the said man Tornado was talking about.

Afia Schwarzenegger indicated that she does not even have the person’s contact to even speak with him.

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