Hot Video : Meet the two disabled Ghanaian couple with 4 able Children

Disabled Couple

Love indeed has no boundaries and limitations. The story of a couple who are physically challenged or disabled is one of the finest love story you can find, can report.

Stephen Queku and Agnes Aikins is a happily married couple who are blessed with four children even though they are physically Challenged.

Narrating how he met his wife , Stephen said he met Agnes at a meeting with persons with disabilities, filed.

Agnes refused Stephen’s proposal at the initial stages because she believed that two disabled persons are not eligible to marry and also can’t have a fruitful marriage.

Stephen however convinced Agnes that God is the provider for all their needs so she should agree to marry him, can report.

”Though things were difficult at the initial stages we were able to survive and God has blessed us with 4 lovely and able Children ”, Stephen Added.

Watch the interview Joynews had with Stephen :

From the Video we can boldly say indeed Love brewed from Floor!

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