Juliet Ibrahim and Iceberg

Speaking with Nana Romeo on the Ayekoo Show at Accra FM , Actress Juliet Ibrahim finally responded to her Ex-Boyfriend’s apology, nanansem.com sighted.

Yesterday, nanansem.com reported that Ice berg Slim who was dating Actress Juliet Ibrahim has finally apologized to her in a letter on Social media.

The summarized content of the letter spoke about how he felt sorry for Cheating, Lying and taking the actress’ love for granted.

A Screen Shot of his letter below :

However responding to the apology from her Ex – Boyfriend , the middle aged actress said that though she feels he is apologizing too late, she is appreciating the fact that he is apologizing , nanansem.com can report.

She added that his apology has finally come to clear the air because when the breakup came most people attacked her and felt she was the cause of the break up.

It has also helped her because there were a lot of negative comments from the general public which were untrue, nanansem.com filed.

When asked whether she would go back to him she responded:

‘Oh how, No!

We speak but we are not like it used to be , She added.

Watch the Video below :

Source : Nanansem.com