Video Showing Why Evanglist Addai Concluded Vivian Jill is Sleeping With her Son Pops Up

Vivian earlier reported that a controversial Popular Evangelist born Ghanaian based in UK has made certain allegations against Vivian Jill Lawrence and Her Son.

In the Evangelists’ revelation, he believes Kumawood Actress Vivian Jill is having an intimate affair with her own son, Clinton that brought fort her current son, Alfie.

In other words Clinton is the Biological father of his brother, filed.

However Vivian Jill in a video reaction , rained Curses and Blasted the Evangelist for making such fortunate allegations, reported.

The actress called out the family of the Evangelist to speak to him.

Well, in a viral video sighted by shows why the evangelist came to that conclusion.

From this said Video , Vivian Jill was sighted dancing with her son Clinton at a party .

A close source has told that , the way the two of them danced with each othr made the evangelist draw those fortunate conclusions.

Watch the video below :

Well people that have sighted the trending video have been divided into two school of thoughts, can report.

One believes this is no basis to say the mother is having an affair with her son , Whiles the other also believes that the dance was too intimate and intense.

Well we leave the judgment to our readers.

Source :

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