Taxi Driver Series : Master Richard and Nephew Aboagye to Premier another new Series

Master Richard

The 1998 hit TV series , that was popularly known as Taxi Driver might have its successor as Dada Boat who was known as Master Richard and George Quaye , who was known as Aboagye hints on a new series, can report.

In a viral Video Sighted by, Dada Boat and George Quaye was sighted in a Car hanging out on the streets of Accra, sighted.

In the said Video, Dada Boat revealed that , they have taken over Ghana again and Ghana should watch out for another exciting TV series, can report.

Watch the Video below :

The taxi Driver Series Featured Psalm Adjetefio was knowns as T.T , ‘Pattington Papa Nii Papafio’ David Dontoh and other Known Characters who made the screens very exciting during those days , can report.

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