Wizkid Fires Celebrities over Comments on Xenophobic attacks in South Africa


Wizkid has sent some not so much decent messages to specific big names over their remarks on the xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

The music star made this known through his Twitter page which nanansem.com gathered on Wednesday, September 4, 2019. As indicated by him, these big names made imbecilic and coldhearted remarks about the xenophobic attacks dissolved upon outsiders particularly Nigerians in South Africa.

“I’ve seen so many insensitive and dumb stupid comments from You celebrities and I’m so disappointed! This is not a time to fight or point fingers!! Let love lead. Use your head! ❤️ u fucking dumb fucks! People are dying foreal! Watch what you say!” he tweeted.

He wasn’t done as he hammered them for battling each other via social media as opposed to confronting the genuine issue which as indicated by him are neediness, government, and education.

“Y’all want to go around preaching hate and fighting each other when the real problem is not even on social media! You clout chasing dick heads! #SayNoToXenophobicAttacks ! Fight the real problem! Government! Poverty! Education!” he added.

He finished up by saying if these celebrities(he clearly was conversing with certain musicians) didn’t have anything reasonable to state, they should focus on their music professions.

“and if you don’t have anything sensible to say at this sensitive time pls just promote your music and fuck off. Nobody ask una papa for opinions !”