Archipalago Records More Dislikes With ‘Megye’

Social media personality ,Archipalago has never had a good day ever since he dropped his first single titled ‘Megye’ as it records more dislikes.

Archipalago has been receiving several bashing for the released song with the accusation that the song,’Megye’ isn’t good enough and one person who has constantly mocked Archipalago is the AMG Business boss, Criss Waddle.

News making rounds indicates that Archipalago’s song uploaded on YouTube seems to be recording some many dislikes which is quite unfortunate.

A check on the song of YouTube as at 11:35pm on September 6,2019 showed that the song had recorded 18K views .However, the song has recorded just a total of 331 likes as compared to the staggering total of 3.2K dislikes.

Moments just before this story was published ,the number of dislikes had increased to 6.3K.