Foods that slow your Digestion

Digestion is a biochemical procedure where your body changes over the sustenance and beverages you devour into vitality. At the point when this procedure isn’t working successfully, your body will be not able perform various procedures which may affect contrarily to your efficiency.

This procedure can be backed off by taking these nourishment;

1. Fatty foods

Consuming foods high in fat components slows your Digestion . Fats are not easily digested and this only leaves your body with no option rather than storing most of the fats which slow down the metabolism as well as forcing your body to store fat. This in turn triggers you to increased body fat which might pose a problem to other body functions.

2. Taking white wheat flour

This flour is made from wheat grains though it is stripped off both fibre and antioxidants. It has little to no fibre, which slows down digestion, your body thus works to breaks it down quite fast than whole wheat foods.

Since the body will have no calories to burn out when breaking these foods, your metabolism will be slowed greatly. Consuming foods rich in fiber increases your body’s metabolism due to much efforts needed to break down the fiber.

3. Soda

Sodas slows down one’s digestion because most of them contain fructose in high levels which is not broken down directly to energy as glucose is. Consuming much of fructose slows down metabolism and can also lead to metabolic disorders.