Archipalago Feels Like He is Tupac And Considers Recording Remix Version Of ‘Megye’

Social media personality ,Archipelago has taken to social media to indicate that he feels like Tupac Amaru Shakur due to the single ‘Megye’ that he has released.

As a matter of fact, ‘Megye’ has recorded over 45,000 views on Youtube with about 728 likes.

Its however difficult to understand why Archipelago would feel like Tupac especially as the song has recorded about 9.3K dislikes.

Its quite normal for a song to record some dislikes however,the number of dislikes recorded by Archipelago’s song in just a week is quite alarming and if care is not taken, the number of dislikes would keep soaring.

Most importantly , he is also looking forward to record the remix version of the song and he is looking forward to feature any of the ‘ A’ list artistes in the country.