If You Want To Make It as a Musician Sleep For Just 4 Hours – Dope Nation


Michael Boafo, popularly known as B2, a part of dope nation has advised his colleagues in the music industry to cut down on the number of hours they spend in bed if they really want to make it in showbiz.

In an interview on Citi tv’s ‘Breakfast Daily’ B2 emphatically said music is a career that requires the artiste to have just a four-hour sleep and hard work.

“Music is a career. People should know that before you even venture into it, like even if it’s a passion or it’s a talent, you should know that music is a career and once it’s a career it means you should be serious about it. Sleep isn’t one thing you should consider when you’re being an artiste” he said.

“As an artist, your mind is supposed to be that kind of mind that awakens every mind around you. When you’re in a building and then you want to entertain, you’re not just here to entertain. There are healthy reasons why you’re on stage and there are also entertainment reasons why you’re on stage.

There are educative reasons why so, as at that time your mind should be sharp so you shouldn’t have that normal 8-hour sleep wey edey be like say you dey enjoy life some. Make am 4,” he added.

“Edey catch a particular point in one’s life when you’re venturing into any work of yours, you’ll know that no charley I for no bed. I have to do this. It’s the same for music,” he stated.