Check out Lydia Forson response to Jay Foley’s proposal

lydia forson

It will amaze you to know that everyone has had a crush on someone before whether they are married or single.

Regardless of the relationship status of an individual, he or she might have fallen for someone else at one point in time.

Popular Ghanaian broadcaster Jay Foley has made a confession on national television and his announcement has gone viral.

The television and radio personality over the weekend appeared on Joy Prime tv in an interactive session with Andrew Tandoh where he disclosed his celebrity crush.

Closely watched by the Hitz FM presenter and MC when asked who is his crush, he mentioned no other woman than beautiful endowed actress Lydia Forson.

According to Jay Foley, he has admired Lydia Forson from afar but circumstances are impeding on his attempts to go forward and profess his love for Lydia.

After this revelation was made known, Lydia Forson chanced on the interview and has reacted.

Lydia Forson’s response to Jay Foley’s comments suggests that she would have accepted the proposal if Jay had made the move.

She took to social media to express her disappointment at Jay Foley for not take the bold step.

Lydia in a funny tweet has asked why Foley never said anything all these years. From the look of things, she is the least in awe.

She took to her Twitter page to write;

“But @jayfoley2131 all these years you never talk anything , you just dey see me then pass… “