HELL isn’t real – Nikki Samonas reveals why

nikki samonas

Well, believing in the existence of HEAVEN and HELL is base on your spiritual level. Lately, many people are becoming vocal in revealing what they think about the concept of God and everything that embodies it.

Ghanaian actress  Nikki Samonas  has also stated that she doesn’t really believe if Hell is real.

According to the actress, she believes heaven is real and that everyone who is a child of God will make it to heaven.

The beautiful actress added that we are all God’s creation and that God wouldn’t subject his children to such suffering and torture.

Nikki Samonas further stated that she is a positive-minded person and believes every child of God deserves a better place afterlife.

“Everyone will go to Heaven, once you’re a child of God you’ll go to Heaven and we’re all children of God because he created us all.

I can’t tell if hell is real. I don’t really believe it’s real, I don’t want to even think about it. Nobody wants pain, agony or torture. So to me, Hell is nonexistent. I’ll always think positive and I want my friends and family to think the same”, Nikki Samonas stated.