I Would Have Regretted If I Didn’t Do Music- Wutah Kobby

Ghanaian artiste and former member of the Wutah Group, Wutah Kobby has revealed that he would have regretted if he did not do music.

Speaking to Wutah Kobby in an exclusive interview, he noted that he completed school as a Building Engineer in 2005 but had already gotten into music in 2004 and as such as he believes music is part and parcel of him.

Talking about his happiest moment as a musician, he noted that whenever he gets the needed feedback after releasing a new song, he gets fulfilled and whenever he gets the right response from a performance ,he feels so happy.

However ,touching on his saddest moment, Wutah Kobby did not mention the break up of Wutah but stressed that he has not lived this life before and as such ,he sees every thing that happens to him as part of the learning process for him and challenges him to do better in life.

Wutah Kobby is currently out with a new song titled ‘If I Get’ which is actually doing so well.