Dada KD Accuses Bola Ray Of Deserting Highlife Musicians

In response to a story captioned ‘My workers have deserted me in my struggles- Bola Ray shares EIB….’ ,highlife artiste ,Dada KD has hit hard at Bola Ray accusing him of deserting highlife artistes as well.

According to him , highlife artistes groomed Bola Ray from the corridors of Music Music on TV3 for his happiness and success but he deserted them so bitterly.

Dada KD ,sounding very bitter, asked Bola Ray to weep louder as he would wipe off his tears with his finger in doubtfulness.

Dada KD is a seasoned highlife artiste with so many hit songs . Bola Ray also used to host Music Music, a music show on TV 3 so many years back.