Watch: Xandy Kamel shows her buttocks without a pant on to Radio Presenter

xandy kamel

Actress Xandy Kamel some time ago got her pant off on live interview after she was asked to act as an actress playing a sex role by the host Kofi Adomah.

In an interview with Kwame Ajietia on Neat Fm, Xandy Kamel explained and she said she was willing to show the host how it is done and she will not mind having sex

She got off her seat and was ready to open, host, Kwame Adjetia’s trousers. He was hesitant and told her he wasn’t the one showing them how the role is played. She stopped and said she doesn’t mind showing him and she isn’t even wearing a pant.

In order to prove that what she was saying was true, she showed her bare butt to Adjetia to have a look at it and also to touch it.

The actress asked the host if he was turned on because the look on his face showed that he wanted to cry. He responded by saying he just felt a lot

Watch the shocking incident below…