Wei Ye Oteng Jabs Sarkodie Over Obrafour’s Pae Mu Ka Documentary

Talented music producer and Entertainment Pundit, Wei Ye Oteng seems to have thrown a shade at Sarkodie .

And this comes in the wake of all the stories making rounds on social media about Sarkodie not availing himself to be part of Obrafour’s Documentary on Pae Mu Ka.

According to Wei Ye Oteng, one needs to be careful in supporting any other person with his life adding that not all those who even bow at your feet do that out of humility but then some do that due to the benefits they would want to reap .

Obviously ,this comment is aimed at Sarkodie as the picture below explains that.

Obviously ,this suggests that there is so much going on behind the scenes between Obrafour and Sarkodie with respect to all the issues surrounding the shooting of the Pae Mu Ka documentary.