Gospel artiste and former contestant of TV3’s Mentor, Nii Soul has disclosed that he is ready to avail himself as a judge for the reality show if the deal is good and the timing is also right.

The 8th edition of TV3’s music reality show has been launched and the likes of Bessa Simons, Trigmatic and Adina have been announced as the judges but Nii Soul isn’t satisfied with the selection of Adina.

Nii Soul is of the opinion that it would have been much better if a past contestant of the music reality who is actively into music is made to be a judge for the show in place of Adina who is not a product of Mentor noting that Charterhouse are not likely to use any of the products of Mentor as a judge of any of their reality shows.

He also noted that his stance isn’t because of any personal issues he has with Adina.

I’ve known Adina even before the world knew her. We’ve been friends for years. My problem was that, if they needed experience from someone who’s been part of a singing reality show, wouldn’t Mentor’s past contestants, who are actually still doing music and have been successful with it be a perfect one? I even said, “I don’t think CharterHouse will call a past Mentor contestant to come judge Stars Of The Future”.